Driving Whips

Handle Styles
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To Our Customers...while these whips are pictured with a particular style in a particular wood, it does not have to be ordered that way.  Any of the styles are available in any of the woods as long as that wood is in stock.  They are priced according to the labor entailed, and the length and type of whip - all woods pictured are the same price.  And if there is a style you like that you see (or don't see), and want it altered (for example:  you want to eliminate the bead closest to the whip shaft), as long as the design element is round, we can probably do that.   Please understand, however, that wood is most difficult to photograph.  Colors pictured may vary due to the camera or mother nature.  One supply of wood may have a bit different shade than the next shipment.  That is because no two trees are alike - color and grain may vary slightly.  And, while many think that wood would be heavy, these whips are amazingly lightweight.

Please note...all riding and straight driving whips are measured from the butt end of the handle to the tip end of the shaft not including the popper.  Whips measuring less than 44" are considered riding or halter and will be priced accordingly.   Whips 44" in length or greater will be considered driving or halter whips and will be priced at the straight driving whip price.  Lash whips are priced depending on the type of whip.

On our straight driving whips, the 5' length (or less) offers the best balance.   Anything longer still tends to make the whip top heavy.  A 5' whip is usually adequate to reach a full-size horse's hips.  You will need a longer whip to reach a full-size horse's shoulder.

We stock straight fiberglass-core driving whips, as well as hollow-carbon nylon lash drop-lash whips in one size.  Other sizes of hollow-carbon lash whips are available by special order.  We also offer English and German holly whips on special order, based on availability.

STYLE A - This handle is made of Tulipwood. This is a simple and elegant style in the show ring.  The "straight-handle style with extra beads" adds a bit of weight to the end, helping the balance of the longer driving whip. 
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STYLE B - This handle is made of Cocobolo. This "straight" style is not often used for driving whips.  When used, it is usually ordered by those whose grip is very strong, and do not have a problem with the top-heavy weight of a long driving whip.
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STYLE C - This handle is made of Birdseye Maple. Refer to style F.
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STYLE D - This handle is made of Kingwood. This "four-bead" style is rarely used on driving whips.  However, it does offer placement for fingers and thumb.
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STYLE E - This handle is made of Ebony. Used on driving whips, when combined with the end on Style A, this "cane" style handle offers good end weight, along with good grip.
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STYLE F - This handle is made of Santos Rosewood. This handle, when combined with the end on Style A, is our most popular driving whip handle.  It allows good hand placement, as well as additional length and weight on the end for good whip balance.  You do not have to add the extra beads that Style A offers, but it does help the balance somewhat.
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The FERRULE - each whip has a metal ferrule between the handle and the shaft of the whip.  This is the most important element of the structure of the whip.  It comes in a silver chrome at no charge.  You do have an option to have gold-plating on the ferrule.  Special order whips and holly whips may require special ferrules, with the color of the ferrule being dictated by the whip itself.

The END BUTTON - each whip has a gold- or silver-colored end button, with the color depending on the color of the ferrule. These buttons can be monogrammed with your initials.  Or some choose a barn initials.  We can engrave up to three (3) initials on the button.  The monogrammed style has the initial of the first name on the left-small, the initial of the last name in the center-large and the initial of the middle name on the right-small.   Or, you can get one to three initials all in the same size.  Please specify.

FREIGHT - shipping is via UPS ground, unless otherwise specified.  Rush orders require special shipping and additional freight charges.  If a package and/or whip is damaged in shipping, please call us immediately.  If you would like whip to be shipped in a PVC tube for better protection (which we highly recommend), freight and packaging will be an additional $30 over regular ground freight charges.

TO ORDER - visit our "ORDER FORM" page.  You have several options available on each whip.  When ordering, the most difficult things to determine are the length of the grip and the color of the wood.  On the order form, there is a suggestion as to how to measure for grip length.  As to the length of the whip, on a straight driving whip, we strongly suggest that you measure a whip you are currently using, and measure it from end of handle to end of whip shaft, excluding the popper.  On a drop lash, measure from the end of the handle to the drop, then from the drop to the end of the popper, this time including the popper.  We will be happy to help you further if you have questions.  Just call or e-mail us at "steedwhip.com", or inquire via this web site.